Wigz Across America

Executive Summary
WIGZ Across America is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit company that serves the United States of America. Wigz across America’s goal is to provide wigs for children that have unfortunately suffered hair loss due to cancer and/ or other hair loss conditions. Our services will include providing wigs for the children, mentoring, and self esteem booster awareness camps. WIGZ Across America receives funding from various charitable organizations, foundations, individual support, fundraising and corporate sponsorship.

Approximately 33% of the United States children qualify for assistance from WIGZ Across America. WAA will provide wigs for children who have lost hair from diseases such as cancer, alopecia, and low self esteem. WAA will partner with various hair stylist to perform the process of making each and every wig customized for the angel(s). We will receive referrals from various outlets, hospital, and etc to deliver the wigs to the child in need. In addition, WAA will also have provide various mentoring programs to children in need. Self Esteem plays a big part in what WAA. We believe that everyone is beautiful no matter what your condition may be. We plan to serve children ages 5 to 23.

Our mission at WAA is to provide wigs and self esteem tools for children who have lost hair due to various diseases and have been victims of bullying. We will have various weekend retreats for your children to help target various society disconnections with the children.

Our mission at WIGZ Across America is to provide wigs and self esteem tools to children who have lossed hair due to cancer, alopecia, and victims of low self esteem. We will work the children to help build their self esteem.

This exciting initiative is designed to create a Wig distribution center and support center throughout the USA. Our objectives are:

  •  Communicate with various schools, hospitals, doctors, churches, and etc to receive referrals for children in need of the wigs
  •  Mo Chic Angels will provide a retreat every quarter at various locations for an Empowerment break.
  •  Outreach program with schools to develop a group for child with low self esteem or that have been bullied .
  •  Provide information to school counselor to organize and execute program.
  •  Have weekly Empowerment calls with all participants
  •  Create a chat group on line for children to share their experiences